03 MarHeathcote Arms 1vShepshed 1


1 - 4  
1 B 175 Bray, Dave ½ - ½ Toothill, Andrew 181
2 W 169 Cowley, Michael ½ - ½ Bowley, Rupert 169
3 B 160 Booley, Graham 0 - 1 Sheahan, Sean 173
4 W 138 Harrison, Peter 0 - 1 Henfrey, Robert 173
5 B 132 Manger, John 0 - 1 Farrall, David 150
Heathcote Arms 1  V  Shepshed Rooks 1.   Division 1.    3rd March 2015
Our 11th match of the season and a resounding victory which keeps us well clear in second place in the division.
On board 1 Andrew was the first to finish. Both sides had developed well and after a few exchanges it was very even with no obvious chances for either side. A solid draw was agreed.
On board 2 Rupert had a good time advantage and both players were playing wide open attacking chess. Mike had a weak 'c' pawn which Rupert eventually won. The endgame saw Rupert with a bishop and 3 pawns against a knight and 2 pawns. Rupert had winning chances earlier but could not convert this into a win and a draw was agreed.
Sean had excellent development and a strong kingside attack. Graham brought his queen to the kingside to help in the defense and to also maybe get some play himself but only succeeded in getting the queen trapped and had to give up pieces to save it. With that, the game was lost.
I had a terrible head cold and played on instinct. I fixed the centre and launched a kingside attack with all the pawns. After breaking through I got a pawn on g3 supported by a pawn on h4 which left Pete's king stuck in the corner on h1. I also exerted pressure on the queenside with pete's pieces stuck in the middle at the back.
My black bishop controlled the c5 to g1 diagonal and the king could not move. My queen came in to the seventh rank with the threat of mate on the back rank and on h2. I was also well up on time when Pete moved his bishop on g2 and I mated the king on h2. Pete defended well for long periods and made the best of a bad position but ultimately the weakness around his king proved fatal.
ound position
Dave looked to be doing well having given his opponent two sets of doubled pawns. However John fought back with his queen on the kingside and rook on the open 'f' file with a bishop also bearing down on f2.
Dave worked everything out and picked a pawn up in the centre with his queen giving a check. After that I think he was two pawns up and with all his pieces in play and a sound position, accepted Johns resignation.
A good win and comfortable result. Heathcote were missing a couple of their top players tonight which did not help their cause.
Next match is away to Melton 1
R.D. Henfrey
26 FebShepshed 1vWigston 2
  3½ - 1½  
1 B 181 Toothill, Andrew ½ - ½ Morley, Andrew 189
2 W 173 Sheahan, Sean 1 - 0 Horspool, Philip 187
3 B 173 Henfrey, Robert ½ - ½ Norton, Craig 165
4 W 168 Jarvis, Derek 1 - 0 Harlow, Phil 165
5 B 165 Toothill, Neil ½ - ½ Dodds, Iain 158
A good and comprehensive win to take the first team to second place in the division.
Neal gave a pawn up for some play and complications. He tried a few interesting moves but there was nothing doing and an early draw was agreed.
Then Derek won a very good game, fixing the centre with his pawns and sacrificing a bishop on the kingside to create unstopable threats with queen, bishop and rooks. He is having a good run of results recently.
I was well up on time and had the better position but offered a draw as the top boards were looking good and I figured a draw would give us a won match and two points.
Andrew had a very solid position, not venturing over the third rank till late on and Andy not venturing over the fourth rank. The fifth rank was like no mans land in the first world war!
As time pressure approached, Andrew offered a draw which Andy turned down, realising that his team needed points. A few more moves were played with Andy probing Andrews position, but there was nothing to be gained and a comfortable draw was agreed by both sides.
Phil gave up a pawn for play against Sean, but Sean got the better position. Then Sean won another pawn and was well up on time, by then totally dominating the game. Towards the end of the game and under increasing pressure, Phil touched his bishop but then moved his rook, but Sean declined any time penalties and a few seconds later won the game. A very well played game.
We finished off with a pint at our local public house as usual, where some of the Wigston team joined us.
Well done to the whole team tonight.

R.D. Henfrey
26 FebShepshed 3vAshby 3
  3 - 1  
1 B 150 Farrall, David 1 - 0 Reynolds, David 131
2 W 135 Harrison, Graham 1 - 0 Armstrong, Victor 120
3 B 136 Bennett, Kevin 1 - 0 Jones, Peter 120
4 W 80 Adams, Sarah 0 - 1 Brown, Mick 99
A comprehensive win for the third team. Sarah arrived a little late and was a little flustered. She played the opening well and looked to be having a good game only to blunder a piece which was a shame.
Dave then wrapped up a good win, being a clear exchange up and easily winning the endgame, mopping up pawns on the queenside.
Graham launched a massive kingside pawnside storm from the off, and totally dominated the game all the way through, eventually threatening a mate and winning a rook in the process. A pleasing win.
Kevin also played well, sacrificing a pawn in the middlegame to set up an attack against the king. He got a knight and rook on the sixth rank and also had a queen coming in against a lone king. There was no way of stopping the win and his opponent resigned. So a 3-1 victory for the team.
R.D. Henfrey