Second, due to the Easter holiday, there will be no meetings for the Rooks at Hind Leys
on Thursday 2nd and 9th April.

The match Melton 2 v Shepshed 3 did not happen on Wednesday 18th March.
The League Secretary, Mike Salisbury, has been informed and has agreed that this
match can be postponed until Wednesday 8th April.

05 MarAshby 1vShepshed 2
  3½ - 1½  
1 B 199 Agnew, Alan ½ - ½ Henfrey, Robert 173
2 W 162 Dove, Tom 1 - 0 Toothill, Neil 165
3 B 158 Vann, Richard ½ - ½ McDermott, Patrick 159
4 W 159 Gibson, Paul 1 - 0 Farrall, David 150
5 B 151 Hayden, Lawrence ½ - ½ Harrison, Graham 135
Despite the absence of Sean & Alfonso we still were able to field a pretty strong team although we were outgraded by just under 10 points per board.
The match was played in a really friendly atmosphere and the Ashby players were amused by a few of my jokey comments before the start, clearly they are great experts on humour !
The match was very tight throughout and the likely result was very unclear until quite late on. First to finish was Neil who under great pressure from the start was unable to meet the multiple threats set up by Tom and went down, it seems that when these 2 meet the person playing white smashes the other off the board !  Bobby looked under pressure early on but his position was solid enough, Richard had a slight initiative against me but a Queen exchange eased had the pressure on my position considerably. Dave was involved in a very complicated game and appeared to be getting on top, whilst on board 5 Graham seemed unable to make much headway against sensible play and good piece placement by Laurie.
Graham who had to accept a draw or lose a pawn was next to finish and a few minutes later I had fully equalised  into a double rook ending, my last move seemed to startle Richard a little bit.
Bobby was under tremendous pressure on the Queen’s side and was trying conjure up some counterplay against Alan’s King. Dave having looked as though he was winning for several moves went down, Paul played some excellent moves striving to combine defence with attack which unfortunately for Dave he did exceedingly well.
Bobby who had conjured up some  counterplay   and had more time agreed a draw in a very unclear and complex position.
So another relegation battle once again.