22/05/12:Summer Chapman Cup Loughborough (1)   2-2½   Shepshed (1)

Our entry into the Summer Cup proves fruitful as our team beat Loughborough 1, to go into Round 2 where we will face Market Harborough 1.

May 2012 Patrick McDermott wins Club Championship

Patrick McDermott beats Andrew Toothill 1.5 - 0.5 in the final to win the 2012 Club Championship.

The final was contested between two of our club's most experienced players. Both have been rated approx 200 BCF in the past. In fact Andrew has in his day been one of the strongest players in the UK and in excess of 200 BCF rating. It was therefore a very hard fought final.

Bobby was our adjudicator for the match (Bobby is officially the club's highest rated player so it was a suprise not to see him in the final.)

In the red corner was Patrick (P): blistering fast pace and punches flying in from all angles. In the blue corner was Andrew (A) : precise and an assasin of the game. The first game saw A. play strong and accurately as expected, but wily P. kept one eye keenly on the clock and played well enough given the time available to both players. A. got into time trouble and lost to P.  -so pressure on for game two. Again a strong attack from A. But in a won endgame P. didn't give up ; he hung on in there and craftely whipped a rook off the board to level the position. A. sportingly conceded the game and P. took the Championship title! 

 Well done to Patrick !

 A simulatenous exhibition from P. was given to celebrate this victory, in which P. showed that despite his relatively (compared to when he was at his peak) low grade these days he still has the talent and determination to play to a high standard. He won most of the games and a good time was had by all.