26 MarShepshed 1vThurnby 1
  3 - 2  
1 B 181 Toothill, Andrew ½ - ½ Burgess, Ray 178
2 W 169 Bowley, Rupert ½ - ½ Deacon, Paul 172
3 B 173 Sheahan, Sean 0 - 1 Graf, Roland 167
4 W 173 Henfrey, Robert 1 - 0 Pattinson, John 149
5 B 150 Farrall, David 1 - 0 Tate, Michael 137

A hard fought match as usual with Shepshed trying to ensure second place in the division and Thurnby trying to make sure of safety.
On board 1 Ray played actively and had pressure on the Queenside as well as a blocked centre. He was also conjuring up some threats on the kingside but for all that, Andrews position was sound.
Andrew opened up the ' f ' file and had an equal game which was easy to play. A draw was soon agreed which was a fair result.
On board 2 Rupert went for it by playing an early g4 and as he could not castle on the queenside, his king was left in the middle of the board. Meanwhile Paul had castled queenside and looked a little better placed.
However, Rupert soon got an attack going on the queenside and his king was safe. After a while it was hard for either player to make much progress as Paul could take off Ruperts knight that was attacking the king and leave a level position that was getting blocked.
On board 3 Roland played a good line against the centre counter and seemed to know it quite well. He had a lot of pressure against Sean, but Seans position was sound. Then under pressure Sean moved the wrong rook to the second rank getting his bishop trapped which in the end resulted in him being the exchange down. In the endgame of rook V bishop and level pawns, Roland played well and the material deficit lead to a loss for Sean.
On board 4 there were a series of early exchanges that left me with control of the ' d ' file. My queen infiltrated to the seventh rank and backed up by two good knights, I won a pawn and had all the play and pressure.
There was little that John could do with queen, knight and bishop on the back ranks. He played a pawn to 'c4' and managed to get his knight to the centre on ' c5 '. Unfortunately this resulted in my being able to play
queen takes pawn check on h7 followed by mate, so John resigned.
So it all went down to the last game to finish on board 5. Dave played a very solid opening then broke open the queenside and suddenly there was a lot of play for both players. Dave was a pawn down but had good play against the king. He won the pawn back and played fantastically well in a complicated position. Mick was trying to get an attack against the king with his rook and queen along the ' h ' file but Dave always had enough and was up on time throughout. He eventually won on time giving us the 3-2 victory.
A good win against a good team. Thurnby are a good club and always a pleasure to play.
R.D. Henfrey

 Celebrating Shepshed Rooks 40th Birthday - get together.

Listen Up Everyone!
We are organising an evening out on Saturday April 25th to celebrate Shepshed Rooks 40th birthday and many great and memorable years in the league.
Also it will be a chance to say thank you to Patrick for his wonderful contribution to the club and a fond farewell to a good friend as he is moving to Norfolk in May.
We will be going to The Gelsmoor in Coleorton which is a good old fashioned traditional pub with proper food!
Please let me know asap if you will be coming along as we need to book a table or two.
Meet 7:30pm for pre drinks then meal at 8pm.
Thank you
RD Henfrey.
11 MarMelton Mowbray 1vShepshed 1
  1½ - 3½  
1 B 175 Denton, John ½ - ½ Toothill, Andrew 181
2 W 174 Reynolds, Tom ½ - ½ Bowley, Rupert 169
3 B 147 Mitchell, Rob 0 - 1 Sheahan, Sean 173
4 W 153 Peters, Simon 0 - 1 Henfrey, Robert 173
5 B 152 Jex, Alan ½ - ½ Toothill, Neil 165
Melton are missing a couple of their top players at the moment but still fielded a decent side. Our matches are always close fought affairs.
On board 1 Andrew had the better of it with more space and threats but John kept things solid and a draw was agreed.
Rupert had a more open game and seemed to have the better of it. I believe that had he more time he would have found the moves to win the game but a draw was agreed as time ticked down.
Sean attacked on the kingside, trapping a bishop which lead to the winning of a pawn. He then had all the play with his opponents king in the centre and with his knights going in attacking a rook which would lead to the win of a knight, Rob resigned.
I had all the space and play but Simon defended superbly. I missed winning a pawn early on but gained a fully passed protected pawn which kept the king tied down in the king and pawn ending and resulted in a win for me.
Neil attacked on the kingside and got a rook to the seventh rank. He had two ways to win a bishop but took with the wrong piece which gave Alan back rank threats with a rook and bishop. So he had to agree a draw.
A match where we could and should have won by a higher score.
A friendly match as usual at a great venue. Always a pleasure to play Melton. If they get relegated, I hope they come straight back up.
R.D. Henfrey