15 AprThurnby 1vShepshed 2
  2½ - 2½  
1 B 178 Burgess, Ray ½ - ½ Henfrey, Robert 173
2 W 172 Deacon, Paul ½ - ½ McDermott, Patrick 159
3 B 167 Graf, Roland 0 - 1 Farrall, David 150
4 W 149 Pattinson, John ½ - ½ Harrison, Graham 135
5 B 137 Tate, Michael 1 - 0 Bennett, Kevin 136

This was a hard fought match throughout, with both teams safe from relegation 5 quick draws and in the bar would have been a popular & interesting move!

On top board Bobby and Ray probed for some time but with the position very blocked and really no way either player could make progress without risk a draw was agreed. On 2 Paul and I had a very interesting and very sharp battle and drew, analysing at home I probably underestimated the strength of my position, a Queen retreat instead of a BIshop exchange would have been much better, but did not seem so at the time. On 3 Dave and Roland had a wild and interesting game where Dave won a pawn early on and obtained a very strong position, despite centralising his forces very well Roland was always under intense pressure and when Dave threatened mate on g7 & h7 Roland blundered stopping one mate but not the other.

On 4 another partially blocked position arose, when a draw was agreed I thought that John had good winning chances as Graham was very cramped and appeared to have no prospect of more than a draw..the players thought otherwise !

Unfortunately on bottom board Kevin got very cramped due to the inability to develop his black squared Bishop and blundered when he lost the exchange moving a non-threatened rook instead of a threatened one losing the exchange and then a pawn. Despite trying to whip up counterplay careful play from Michael sealed the win for him.

So a draw in a very hard fought match.


Hi Everyone
The Rooks AGM 2015 will take place at Hind Leys on Thursday 14th May at 8.00pm.
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Women's World Chess Champion 2015 Report from Chess.com

Maria Muzychuk Women's World Champion 2015

Photo of the winner Ukrainian Mariya Muzychuk Aged 22

Muzychuk,M (UKR, 2526) v Pogonina,N (RUS, 2456) 


Women's World Chess Championship 2015 (knock-out) - Wikipedia 

The Women's World Chess Championship was held from 16 March to 7 April 2015 in Sochi, Russia. It was the first of two world championships in 2015, and was a 64-player knockout tournament. In the final, Ukrainian's Mariya Muzychuk, seeded 8th, defeated Russian's Natalia Pogonina, seeded 31st.

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