23 AprWigston 1vShepshed 2
  3 - 2  
1 B 206 Burrows, Martin 1 - 0 Henfrey, Robert 173
2 W 189 Morley, Andrew 1 - 0 Toothill, Neil 165
3 B 165 Norton, Craig 0 - 1 Farrall, David 150
4 W 165 Harlow, Phil ½ - ½ Harrison, Graham 135
5 B 158 Dodds, Iain ½ - ½ Bennett, Kevin 136
Our last match saw us playing the division 1 champions. We were safe so could just enjoy the match and looked forward to a few beers afterwards.
On board 1 I missed a queen move and lost my queen knight pawn. I launched a kingside attack which could have been very dangerous but I played to quickly and allowed queens to be exchanged.
After that we had a rook and pawn ending which was lost for me but I played it out and Martin played well to wrap it up.
On 2 Neil gave up knight and bishop for rook and pawn. He then played a check from b6 with his queen and won the b2 pawn. Unfortunately he then over-looked Andy playing his knight to a4 winning the queen. Game over.
On 3 Dave was level but exchanged knights on the queenside which left him with a poor pawn structure. Under pressure on the queenside he launched a kingside attack, breaking through with a bishop check followed by a mate by the queen. A good game.
Board 4 was unbelievable. Graham gave up his black bishop for a rook and found himself under a massive kingside attack. There was so much happening that the game was hard to read.
Graham was very short of time but played well having a Rook and 5 pawns V knight bishop and 3 pawns at the end. Neither player could make progress and a draw was agreed. A great game for the spectators and I am not sure who had the winning chances. Phil and Graham both played well.
On 5 Kevin played really well and had winning chances and was 20 minutes up on time but got an attack of cramp and had to go outside for 20 minutes. A draw was agreed soon after  by both players.
So a mid table finish and a decent season. Thank you to all the players this season.
Robert D Henfrey.
16 AprShepshed 1vAshby 1
  2½ - 2½  
1 B 181 Toothill, Andrew ½ - ½ Agnew, Alan 199
2 W 169 Bowley, Rupert ½ - ½ Dove, Tom 162
3 B 173 Sheahan, Sean ½ - ½ Vann, Richard 158
4 W 173 Henfrey, Robert 1 - 0 Hayden, Lawrence 151
5 B 165 Toothill, Neil 0 - 1 Evans, Roy


Our last match of the season and one where Ashby needed at least a draw to be sure of safety

On top board Andrew played a solid game and despite Alan pressing for something  there was nothing there and a  solid draw was agreed.

On 2 Rupert was down on time but was better with winning chances at one stage but in an equal ending a draw was agreed.

Board 3 found Sean under a bit of pressure but solid enough. After some exchanges a fair draw was agreed.

On board 4 I did not play well on the queenside and should have been the exchange down. I attacked on the kingside and eventually broke through with a winning position when I won on time.

Neil on board 5 did not play well and after he offered an exchange of rooks found that it would lead to the loss of his queen. The exchange down he fought on but eventually lost.


So a drawn match and our team finish on 20 points which I believe to be the highest ever. Well played to all our players this season.

Well played to Ashby who will be playing division 1 chess next season. They deserve it.


Robert D Henfrey

Leicestershire County Championships 2016


Dave is taking part in the Open this year.